Office requirements for raised access flooring

If you are considering access flooring for your office, it is important to bear in mind that you will need to check the suitability of the space before making a final decision. There can be numerous safety risks that could cause injury to your employees whilst also resulting in costly repairs. It is recommended that [...]

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Raised access flooring installation process

You may be considering raised access flooring for your home or office building. The complex installation process has many steps meaning it should only be undertaken by an expert with the correct training. If not installed correctly, there could be numerous safety risks involved. This could also result in high costing repair or replacement work. [...]

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5 ways to take care of your flooring in the heat

As we begin looking forward to a much-needed summer, the conditions may not be so favourable for our raised floors. The temperature and humid air can often have a negative impact on your flooring, drastically reducing its lifespan. Despite the various issues you may encounter this summer, there are a number of steps you can [...]

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Pests and raised access flooring

In many circumstances, from homes to office blocks, pests find their way in and decide to take residence under floorboards, kickboards or cupboards. Unfortunately, voids beneath raised access flooring may also be a place that they wish to call home, but there are ways in which you can (and should) prevent this, averting damage occurring [...]

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The purpose of aisle containment

Constructed to optimise performance and reduce operational costings by use of innovative technology, aisle containments are perfect for use within data centres. These systems come in two forms, both beneficial for varied reasons – hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment. The purpose of aisle containment Within these data centres, the use of electronic equipment, [...]

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Choosing the right raised access flooring for you

With so many businesses looking to alter the way in which they work and renovate their offices through 2021, what better time for us to create a guide on how to be confident in your choice of raised access flooring. With the largest range of materials, styles and finishes available on the market today, you [...]

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Granite decking – premium outdoor raised flooring

Living and working areas have the ability to run further than enclosed and internal spaces. Outdoor surrounds, such as gardens, pool sides, parks and cafés, withhold the ability to cater for external meetups, work functions or relaxation. To ensure these remain safe and durable, you will need to be sure that you make the right [...]

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Renovating in 2021? Consider raised access flooring

A new year can often mean a fresh start, and if you are planning to renovate in 2021, raised access flooring could be an ideal factor to consider and never look back from. With multiple benefits for your workspace, allow us to introduce you to the simple yet effective world of raised access flooring. What [...]

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What weight can a raised access floor tolerate?

When choosing to fit out an office with raised access flooring, a recurring question or worry which may circle your mind is “what weight can my raised access floor tolerate?”. We wish that there was an easy solution, but the truth is that there isn’t one simple answer that fits across all floors! There are [...]

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The benefits of external raised access flooring

We have mentioned various locations and workplaces in which laying a raised access floor would be beneficial, but had you noticed that they were all indoors? Many people seem to think that the line gets drawn there, but this is in fact incorrect. External raised access flooring really is a thing and an extremely beneficial [...]

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