The benefits of external raised access flooring

We have mentioned various locations and workplaces in which laying a raised access floor would be beneficial, but had you noticed that they were all indoors? Many people seem to think that the line gets drawn there, but this is in fact incorrect. External raised access flooring really is a thing and an extremely beneficial [...]

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The benefits of raised access flooring in retail

Retail is a world full of hustle and bustle, with crowds entering a wide range of physical stores on a daily basis. These retail businesses must ensure that the safety for these customers is on top form, whilst also ensuring that they can keep their crowds returning with a rotating set of seasonal displays. Raised [...]

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The benefits of raised access flooring in airports

The benefits to the installation of raised access flooring are widely accepted throughout the commercial office sector but are often overlooked in locations with high traffic. This month, we explore the benefits of a raised access floor within a heavily populated public location - our airports. You can expect an airport to consist of crowds [...]

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The benefits of raised access flooring in an office

Are you designing a new office space or moving to a new office block? Maybe you are renovating and looking for new ways to create an open and tidy workspace? If you haven’t considered raised access flooring before, then now may be the time. Here are some of the upsides that could benefit you, your [...]

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How and why you should insulate your raised access flooring

There are many aspects to flooring that you may be unaware of, factors that could impact your levels of space, comfort and productivity, such as insulation. Specifying the correct materials and installation can make a substantial difference to the way in which your space feels and performs. Along with the benefits of cleaner designs and [...]

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Will my office benefit from raised access flooring?

Raised access flooring can optimise your office design and overall functionality. It is important to choose the correct flooring at the point of design to ensure maximum efficiency, durability and functionality throughout its life. What is a raised access floor? Raised access flooring is a specialist flooring system made up of individual panels that sit [...]

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The benefits of underfloor air plenums in your office space

Simply put, underfloor air plenums are the empty space between the raised access floor and the structure flooring of the building which are used to improve the air quality and efficiency within a room. These air plenums are most commonly used within office environments which are built upon raised access flooring. There is often confusion [...]

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Adjusting a raised floor

The installation of a raised access floor is a complex and intricate process. It’s often the case that there are a number of adjustments that need to be made after the flooring has been installed. Due to the specific skills required, the installation and any subsequent adjustments should be carried out by appropriately qualified installers [...]

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What is the Considerate Constructors Scheme?

Not everyone welcomes being next to a building site. While many construction sites are run by considerate people who care about their neighbours and the environment, there are always a few bad apples that ruin it for everyone. Common problems caused by poorly run sites include: Delivery vehicles parked on the pavement Safety fences that [...]

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