ContainAire Aisle containment solutions for Data Centres

At Fieldmans Access Floors Ltd we are proud to supply and install Tate’s ContainAire product line. We consider it to be the leader in aisle containment solutions.

Below are some of the products we can supply and install which are designed to optimise performance and reduce operating costs for data centres.

ContainAire Sliding Doors

ContainAire Sliding Doors are constructed from fully transparent polycarbonate and are optimised for both cold and hot aisle containment designs. The doors are both cost-effective and simple to install. There is no threshold, thus eliminating the risk of people tripping.

Finish options include clear anodized and black anodized.

The sliding doors come pre-assembled for easy installation. The door frames can be connected to a header rail and then secured to the end cabinets and raised floor.

The doors are fully compliant with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements on fire safety.

The following sliding door options are available:

  • ContainAire Dual Sliding Doors.
  • ContainAire Single Sliding Doors

ContainAire Strip Doors

ContainAire Strip Doors provide a cost effective overlapping solution for sealing aisle ends. They feature overlapping vinyl strips mounted on anodized tracks which work effectively to prevent leaks.

ContainAire Soft Partitions

ContainAire Soft Partitions are a ceiling hung pliable polycarbonate containment system for hot and cold aisle environments. The soft partitions are constructed from aluminium tracks with overlapping fire resistant vinyl curtains. The overlapping curtains  provide a seamless partition, improving air containment. The partitions attach to a drop T ceiling grid. Assembly is quick and simple. No tools are required.

ContainAire Soft Partitions feature a Pivot and Grip installation method providing for easy adjustment of partitions without disassembly.

Finish options include clear anodized and black anodized.

ContainAire Hard Partitions

ContainAire Hard Partitions are constructed from anodized aluminium with clear polycarbonate panels. They can be customised to seal spaces of varying dimensions. The panels are pre-assembled and installation is quick and simple. The design incorporates compression gaskets to efficiently seal the space and reduce air leakage to a minimum.

ContainAire Hard Roof

ContainAire Hard Roof Panels are clear translucent panels mounted on aluminium tracks which are designed to work with cold aisle systems. They separate hot and cold air flows to optimise the cooling capacity of any data centre. The panels attach to the top of the rack and lie flat to avoid overhead obstructions. In case of a fire, the roof panels fall away to allow overhead water sprinkler systems to do their work.

The hard roof panels are durable and come with pre-assembled sections for quick and easy installation.

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Aisle Containment

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There are 2 key factors that have helped our company become one of the leading Access Flooring companies in the UK:

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