What are the site requirements for a raised access floor?

Are you considering whether or not to have a raised floor installed in your office but not sure whether it is possible or if it is the right option for you and your business? We can give you a quick answer to the second question… Check our previous article for some help and inspiration around [...]

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What’s hiding under raised flooring?

When installing raised flooring in your office or even in your home, you probably don’t think much about what else is going to find its way in there, other than what you put there – such as cabling or whatever it is you are storing under your flooring. Like it or not though, no matter [...]

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How much weight can a raised access floor handle?

It is a question that comes up almost every time we work with a new client, and for good reason. If they don’t bring it up, it’s one of the top things that we need to know when designing a new raised floor. The reality, as with most things, is that there a number of [...]

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Things to look out for in the summer heat

We have all been feeling the heat during this year’s summer heatwave and while we enjoy a warm summer for a change, it can have all sorts of effects that we may not have thought about. The raised temperatures and higher humidity levels can affect our floors in a number of ways, so we have [...]

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How to avoid potential problems when installing raised flooring

Installing a raised floor, whether in a commercial or a residential space, can offer huge benefits particularly if you are short on space. It can give you extra storage space, tidy up those messy cables lying around, or hide away your air conditioning system while distributing air evenly throughout your space. We have explored the [...]

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Choosing a raised floor specialist: what do I need to know?

You have decided that you want to have a raised floor installed or retrofitted, but what comes next? Whatever your reasons for the decision – you are expanding, you are installing a new server room, you want more storage space, etc. – you still need to find the right installer to do the job well [...]

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