Star Uretech Pedestal Adhesive for Access Floors Pedestals

Star Uretech are a relatively new company that started up in 2001 and seek to develop urethane resin systems for specific customer requirements. Star Uretech provide the adhesive used in cementing the access floors pedestals to the floor, and the bonding of top finishes to the decorative surface. They have developed seven different adhesives:

Uretech TPA1 – Thixotropic Pedestal Adhesive
Uretech TPA1 is a one component polyurethane system, ideal for bonding metal access floors pedestals to concrete floors. It is flexible and does not foam excessively, and when cured has excellent adhesion to concrete and other surfaces and to most materials used in the production of pedestals.

Uretech PA2 – Free-flow Pedestal Adhesive
This material is a non-thixotropic version of PA1 and whilst PA1 does not flow when applied thus filling any surface imperfections automatically, PA2 is more suitable for relatively flat surfaces.

Uretech UF1000 – Roadway Adhesive
Uretech UF1000 is a two-component, polyurethane system with excellent adhesion to concrete and similar surfaces. The mixed material is highly thixotropic and does not flow when applied thus filling any surface imperfections automatically.

Uretech ASV64 – Highly Thixotropic Adhesive
Uretech ASV64 is a two-component, polyurethane system, which when uncured is specially formulated for the fixing of panels etc. to vertical surfaces. However, when cured it has excellent adhesion to concrete, stone, wood and wood derivatives. It will also bond to most materials used in the construction of access floors panels including UPVC.

Uretech UF102 – Multi Purpose Adhesive
Uretech UF102 is two component filled adhesive, particularly suited for the bonding of galvanised steel to vinyl, carpet and similar materials.

Uretech DD2 – Decorative Surfacing Adhesive
Uretech DD2 is two-component, liquid, polyurethane system specially formulated for adhesive, surfacing and binding applications. It is particularly suited for use in decorative surfacing where the two components are mixed together and spread over the surface to be coated.



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