‘Attiro’ – the new, stylish flooring solution

You can say what you like about access flooring, but one thing you usually cannot say is that it looks amazing and stylish. Think of raised access flooring, and you probably think of vinyl-coated panels in a faded blue. It’s great to step on and it does what it is supposed to do, but as for great looks – we don’t think so!

One company that hopes to change all that is Kingspan, who have introduced a new product range which they call ‘Attiro’. This is a magnetic flooring system that includes red wood flooring panels that are especially designed for raised access floor installation. We’re happy to announce that you can order the Attiro range here at Fieldmans Access Floors.

Kingspan are already regarded as the world’s largest manufacturer of raised access floors. In their UK factory alone, they produce over 170,000 panels each and every week. That’s close to nine million panels per year! The company designs their panels for a range of installations and they send their panels to all four corners of the globe. Raised access floor panels are ideal for use in offices, data centres, retailers, schools and universities, leisure centres and restaurants.

Attiro is being marketed as ‘the definition of versatility’. The Attiro panels have all the amazing beauty of engineered oak, combined with the ease and convenience of raised access flooring. This new range of panels is a significant step forwards from conventional bonded-square systems.

The Attiro raised access flooring system has a pioneering magnetic feature, which means the actual floor panels can quickly be removed when access is required. A special device is supplied with the system that you can use to lift any part of the floor should access be required, or if an individual stave needs to removed because of damage.

Some other benefits of the new Attiro system include:

• Uncluttered workspaces means desks, furniture and equipment can be easily configured
• Easy to uncover in order to gain access to any part of the service void
• Simple to lift if you need quick access, and even easier to slot back into place

Attiro comes in standard widths of 160, 180 and 200mm, and a range of lengths from 1200mm to 220mm. All staves supplied are 16.5 mm in depth. It also comes in a range of shades that should easily match any particular taste or interior – from natural deep-coloured wooden grains to crisp whites. A brushed finish comes as standard, although both sawmill and rustic hand-scraped finishes are available as well. Each stave can be finished off with a UV cured lacquer or wax oil.

If you’d like to learn more about the Attiro range and how we can install this product in your building, then please contact us here at Fieldmans Access Floor on 020 8462 7100