A guide to Raised Access Flooring Prices

Raised access flooring prices will vary depending on the type of materials used for the flooring panels. Furthermore, different manufacturer’s products will have different design features which will impact on price.

The following prices are intended purely as a general guide only and exclude any design and installation costs which will vary dependent on the project requirements including size, finished floor height and site difficulty.

  • Medium Grade, steel encased: £35m2
  • Heavy Grade steel encased £55m2
  • Particle board bare: £25m2
  • Medium Grade with finishes (vinyl, wood, stone): £70-£135m2
  • Heavy Grade with finishes (vinyl, wood, stone): £80-£160
  • Extra Heavy Grade, with finishes for Data centres: £100-£130m2

A guide to access flooring systems

Raised access flooring systems are a key feature of modern office environments. They are indispensable for high-tech environments including clean rooms, IT data centres and computer rooms.

Access floors are elevated structural platforms which are situated above the pre-existing substrate. Elevation heights can vary from 5 cm to 1.2 m. A space is thus created which can accommodate technological systems providing power, data, voice, heating and cooling.

The access floor system comprises of a metal framework of supports known as pedestals, which are fully adjustable in height. The elevated floor is constructed on top of the pedestals from a grid of removable floor panels. The panels can be made of a variety of materials, from particle board to steel. The appropriate choice of material depends on the loads to which the panels will be subjected.

Introducing Fieldmans Access Floors Ltd

Fieldmans Access Floors have been installing raised floor systems since 1993. We have undertaken projects both in the UK and abroad. We have fitted spaces from 3m² to 25,000m². Our experience is extensive and spans a range of environments.

We frequently work in the following sectors: redevelopment and ‘new build’, commercial or industrial, data centres, education and healthcare.

We handle both large scale projects and minor works. We can install new access floors or undertake modifications and remedial works to existing ones. Our team is able to work outside office hours to minimise disruption.

We are a family run business and we pride ourselves on the personal level of service we provide to our clients.

We are truly independent, and we will source the best products for a particular project from the leading manufacturers and suppliers.  Our team of directly employed expert installers will carry out the work.

Before embarking on a new project, we offer a consultancy service offering bespoke solutions tailored to the demands of the project.

Our design service can provide detailed layout drawings mapped out with AutoCAD software.

When the project details are finalised, we will provide a detailed and accurate cost estimate. Our prices are highly competitive and we always deliver on budget.

We have undertaken a number of high-profile prestige projects. This includes the supply and installation of raised access flooring systems to the £820 million Terminal 2 building at London Heathrow Airport.

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A strong focus on customer satisfaction, with a can-do attitude, coupled with a wide breadth of experience and understanding of the many products and systems on the market are the key benefits to you when partnering with Fieldmans Access Floors Ltd.

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