Finishing options for your raised flooring

You’ve taken the plunge and decided that raised flooring is the right decision for your business – great news! Now comes the slightly trickier part… deciding on the finish. Whatever decisions you have made for your raised flooring void, they will be practical and functional. When it comes to deciding on the flooring finish you are faced with a decision that not only needs to work well but that will also fit in aesthetically with your space. Where to start? We take an in-depth look at the most popular options on the market to help narrow down your choices and make the decision that little bit easier for you.


Attiro flooring is the epitome of stylish design. Consisting of a wide range of real wood flooring panels, they are specifically designed for raised flooring encompassing a magnetic system which makes it easy to remove and replace them when you need to access the space beneath your raised floor. Their range of wood spans the full range from the deepest natural grain all the way to a crisp white finish. Available in brushed, sawmill, and rustic hand-scraped finishes, you also have the option of finishing them off with wax oil or a UV cured lacquer.


Allura Flex is the ultimate choice in luxury vinyl tiles. Available in a range of 36 designs, ranging from natural to metallic and textured there is a finish that will suit any office environment or retail and commercial space. Installation is quick and easy through loose lay tiles and planks making them easy to remove when you need access to your raised floor space. For those spaces that you want to play with textures and colours or where you may wish to outline certain areas, Allura allows you to choose various finishes, mixing and matching them depending on your need.


Ideal where that high class, striking look is the one you are aiming for. Nesite finishes come in the form of ceramic tiles, glass, parquet and natural stone options. Perfect for that modern look, they are also an excellent option where you are looking to create a strong visual effect which can be in keeping with the surrounding décor or, for that added touch, in contrast to it to create a real talking point. Nesite options are also available as a Strong Floor finish which does exactly what it says – create a strong floor for heavy-duty use and which can be used immediately after being installed.

Gilbert’s air grills

While not the choice for the entire floor in most cases, Gilbert’s air grilles are perfect for those areas where you need to incorporate ventilation through your raised floor. Options include a lighter grade for offices all the way to a heavy grade for computer server rooms. They are designed to replace whatever floor option you are using and the finish on the edges will blend in with your chosen flooring option for a seamless look.

Still not sure what to choose? Just talk to us! Our Fieldmans Access Floors team is experienced and knowledgeable and will be able to advise on the best option for you based on your needs and chosen design style. All you need to do is give us a call on 020 8462 7100 for an initial chat or for an appointment where we can explore your needs in more depth.