Impress Your Clients With A Stylish Office

The very first impression that your customers will get of your business is when they walk through the door. Often the catch in this situation is that you may think they won’t notice much if everything looks perfectly clean and tidy, however, should there be a hole in the carpeting or a crack in the window, their eyes are immediately drawn to this fact, and the memory remains. The opportunity for first impressions being a lasting impression as a positive experience is lost.

Perhaps the most neglected part of a business environment is the floor, unfortunately so because this is the most utilised space, whether it’s for storage, an entry portal, a reception area or an office. This space is used by everyone, it suffers the worst wear and tear overall and is offered the least respect by its users.

Flooring can be one of those areas that draw attention if it’s unkempt and unattractive, or goes unnoticed if it fits its utilitarian purpose and is clean and tidy but unremarkable. There is, of course, the third option. Since flooring usually takes up more space that walls and ceilings it presents an opportunity to create a wow factor when a client or customer walks through the door. More so when the customer must go elsewhere in the business and the continuity of good design and professional installation becomes apparent.

A business that invests in its own infrastructure also invests in its clients, and this is not lost on visitors to any business premises. With that first impression, the client may leave thinking “oh wow, what a great floor”, but they’re more likely to leave thinking, “These folks really look after their business, they must really care about their customers too.”.

Fit for purpose

When deciding on a flooring solution the type of business you have will usually affect the flooring options that you consider. A manufacturer or a warehouse may need high traffic, utility flooring that can take a beating or perhaps access flooring is a necessity. That, however, doesn’t have to mean that it can’t look impressive. Colour options and variety in flooring materials mean that with a little creativity, flooring can provide that wow factor whether it’s an industrial space or high-end city office.

Few people realise the impact that well thought out flooring has on the appearance of an office. Depending on light sources, whether natural or artificial, the impact of windows or whether the space is completely walled in, the impact of the correct colour and design will produce subtle subconscious responses in your clients.

Care of the environment

A good flooring contractor will also have credentials in terms of environmental impact, not only the installation process but also the materials themselves, their longevity and how they can be recycled. Clients who have environmental awareness policies themselves appreciate this and make choices based on the contractors overall professional approach including the future welfare of the environment.

A stylish, well-furnished office, with good décor and lighting, is only as good as the floor that holds it all together. A grubby carpet or stained laminate floor will only undo the effort that has gone into making the rest of the environment appealing.

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