How to make your floors impressive AND functional

When it comes to first impressions of your business space – be it an office, manufacturing floor, or retail area – one of the first things people notice is the flooring. Unfortunately, it is often the last thing businesses will spend time and money on in the belief that as long as it is safe and clean, most people don’t care. Don’t make the same mistake. You could be the best in your business, but it is attention to detail that many use as a measure before deciding whether or not to do business with someone. This month we help you avoid such errors and show you how your flooring can be both impressive and functional.

First impressions

A safe, clean and beautiful floor can be the tipping point in securing or losing a client. When they walk into your space of business, their attention will be drawn to any little problem even if it’s not a big deal – a small stain in a corner of the carpet, a scuff in the laminate, or a gap in the joints.

Form and function

Your business space may be small and cramped, or it may be large and filled with staff. Either way, you may be losing out by not utilising it in a way that will save you time while at the same time projecting an air of quiet confidence and capability. A cramped space or one filled with wires and cables probably won’t do either.

Raised flooring can help you meet all of the above in one simple move. It offers you the extra storage space for a retail area that is bursting at the seams and the elegant efficiency of a tidy office. Raised flooring utilises the void beneath your floorspace to act as an extra storage area, or to put away cabling for electricity, communications and IT while still offering you the quick and easy access that you may require for maintenance or stock replenishment.

Flooring design

Installing raised flooring no longer means that you have limited design options when it comes to the finish that clients see. In fact, quite the opposite. You have just as many options as you would otherwise. They include carpet tiles, laminate and vinyl wood plank amongst others. With those comes an abundance of colour and designs that you can tailor to your business and style.

An added bonus is the way in which raised flooring is constructed. It is done in sections for ease of access and in so doing also keeps maintenance and repair costs down by allowing you to repair or replace sections as necessary rather than the entire floor. The same applies to the finish – you only need to replace what is necessary. This allows you to stay on top of any minor scuffs, scratches or stains without breaking the bank and still maintaining the wow factor for your clients.

If you are considering installing raised flooring in your place of business or want to find out more about it and how it may benefit you, simply talk to one of our Fieldmans Access Floors team. Call us on 020 8462 7100 with any questions or to book an appointment.