What you need to know when choosing a flooring type

With so much news bombarding us on a daily basis and from every corner, it is small wonder that we are able to keep on top of what is happening in our own city. One side tells of empty office space being on the rise in the wake of the Brexit referendum, while another talks of the opportunity this could bring and the rise in demand to meet the needs of fast-changing ways of working. What we are sure of is that office space will never go out of fashion but it will continue to evolve as marketplaces change, trends in the way in which we work are turned on their head, and more flexible work spaces are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

Whether you are an office space provider or are looking to adapt a space that you have for your business to make it more flexible, there are a few things to think about when it comes to selecting the most suitable flooring installation for your office.

Size of space

If the size of your office space is small then you may want to consider a single type of flooring throughout to give the illusion of a much larger space. Lighter-coloured flooring tiles, whether vinyl, tile, or carpet will also create a larger room effect. A smaller space will also mean that storage is likely to be at a premium so it is worth considering installing access flooring throughout giving you the option of installing your cabling and wiring underfloor, or using the void for storage of items that you don’t need on a regular basis but which could look untidy when stored around the office.

For larger spaces, you have more options around ‘playing’ with different flooring types to delineate different modes of space – for example, colour-coding meeting rooms either individually or as one room type to separate them from the main open office floor; the same can be done for executive offices. Different colours and flooring types can be chosen to best suit a particular type of use in a large office which also helps ‘break up’ the space. The use of access flooring in larger spaces offers greater flexibility as well. As well as across the space, it could also run along the sides for cabling and wiring purposes, or installed in selected areas where additional storage space is necessary.

Type of business

The use of the space is also a factor in determining how you choose and use your flooring in your office design. If you are offering a space that allows for changing businesses – such as serviced or common office space – then storage and security are equally important. If you have any sort of retail element to your space then storage will be a key consideration and you want to have quick access to stock without compromising on the design or aesthetics of your space.

Talk to the access flooring specialists

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