Post-Installation Adjustments of Raised Access Flooring

We have installed raised access flooring for many different clients over the years.

In our experience there are a number of recurring issues that need to be addressed once the flooring has been installed.

These issues are important because they arise from the fact that installation of raised access flooring is a complex and sophisticated process. For this reason installation and any repairs must be undertaken in a very precise manner by trained, experienced and qualified installers. Furthermore, even small problems can lead to permanent and possibly even catastrophic damage if not attended to urgently.

So, it is vital that if you observe any sort of problem whatsoever with your raised access flooring you should deal with it without delay. However, this comes with a warning. Problems with raised access flooring may seem trivial but you are advised that you should not attempt to fix these problems yourself and engage the services of a fully qualified professional raised access flooring firm, instead.


Common problems


The most common problem with raised access flooring is loose or unstable floor panels. There are a variety of reasons why floor panels become loose. For example, carpet particles or other contaminants become lodged under the plates or there is a problem with the head gaskets.

Floor covering – One cause of loose panels is the presence of carpet particles or fragments of floor covering that become detached from the carpet and become lodged between the plates and the pedestal heads. This causes the panels to move out of position and can present a tripping hazard for customers, staff and site visitors. Raised access flooring experts are familiar with this problem and will be able to quickly remedy the situation;

Head Gaskets – it is not uncommon for raised access flooring panels to become loose and unstable, because the head gaskets are not aligned properly. A professional raised access flooring expert will be able to make the adjustments necessary to align the head gaskets and ensure that the stringers are also secure and are providing the necessary support. If the problem relates to the pedestal itself then they will be able to adjust it and ensure that the pedestal is fixed securely in place;


Why expert assistance is required


As raised access flooring depends on precise measurement and adjustment of the floors infrastructure, any repairs should only be undertaken by trained and experienced raised flooring experts.

So, if you do find any sort of problems with the raised access flooring that has just been installed do not be tempted to try and repair then you self. Instead engage the services of a professional raised access flooring company to make the repairs and adjustments necessary. Furthermore to ensure that your raised access flooring provides many years of trouble-free service arrange to have your floor inspected by a professional company of raised access flooring experts on a regular basis (at least annually). This not only provides you with peace of mind, failing to do so may affect your warranty.


The need for specialised equipment


Another reason why raised access flooring experts are required to resolve flooring problems is that they possess the appropriate lifting devices necessary to remove the panels to resolve underlying problems. Using tools that are inappropriate to raise or move floor panels can lead to panel damage. This can have serious consequences. It could simply mean that the panel itself becomes damaged and will have to be replaced (which is an unwelcome and unnecessary expense). However, it is also quite possible that the panel could become damaged beyond repair and malfunction. This could lead to more serious problems such as catastrophic failure of the flooring infrastructure and injury to staff, customers or contractors. In addition, repairs undertaken by careless, inexperienced or unqualified individuals could result in vital underfloor cabling becoming distressed and damaged resulting in business critical equipment failure.

At Fieldmans Access Floors, we have years of experience in installing and maintaining raised access flooring.

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