Raised access systems – The Environmental Benefits

More and more legislation is being created with the aim of influencing businesses to take their environmental responsibilities seriously. There are ethical reasons too of course why companies should be eco-friendly. All projects that are proposed by developers must address any environmental impact. For example, instead of tearing down an existing building and starting afresh, ways in which the old building could be improved and re-developed are usually more pertinent and less wasteful.

One aspect of building work that usually requires significant examination is air conditioning. Traditional systems are not associated with being environmentally friendly. When new builds or improvement work is being considered, alternative cooling systems need to be thought about.

Unfortunately, old buildings often do not have the ceiling heights as necessary to be able to deal with the fitting of traditional air conditioning systems – such a variable air volume, fan-coil or split system – as well as the necessary ductwork and cabling. This usually means that these kinds of buildings end up being demolished to make way for new builds. Installation of air conditioning usually requires the creation of a false ceiling around forty-five centimetres in depth. In buildings with low ceilings, making them even lower is of course, completely impractical.

One practical solution is to install a raised access system. Such a flooring system can be used to distribute air as well as providing additional benefits such as ventilation, cable distribution and positioning for power outlets. This negates the need for a sixty centimetre space above the ceiling for the necessary ductwork to provide air conditioning, and usually creates a net height saving of around forty-five centimetres.

At Fieldmans Access Flooring we have plenty of in-depth knowledge and experience to be able to install for you a raised flooring solution. We will work with you on your project to create the perfect solution for you, and of course within your timescales and budget.

We are able to supply you with an extensive range of products that will suit your requirements in terms of load performance. We are able to supply you with products that come in a variety of grades and thicknesses, and we have many different methods of fixing the panels. Your chosen style of finish can be pre-applied at the point of manufacture to help you create an exemplary, self-finished raised access flooring system.

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