Eurodek Raised Access Floors

The varieties of Raised Access Floors systems available from Eurodek Raised Access Floors combine numerous benefits in order to achieve a solution that will meet most business requirements. These benefits include facilitating rapid and easy reconfiguration with minimal disruption, providing passive ventilation or conditioned air options and offering a selection of high quality, durable and aesthetic floor finishes.

Eurodek Raised Access Floors solutions are a perfect platform for business, and designed to provide a cost-effective and flexible solution that will meet the most demanding of briefs. Whether used for commercial offices, hospitals, IT suites or reception areas, there are Eurodek Raised Access Floors products to satisfy any project today and into the future, providing the following benefits:

  • Delivers power, telecoms, data and other services precisely where required.
  • Creates an open plan, versatile and flexible environment.
  • Facilitates rapid and easy re-configuration, with minimal disruption.
  • Provides passive ventilation or conditioned air options.
  • Offers a wide choice of high quality, durable and aesthetic floor finishes.

Eurodek offer a selection of tiling panels, including:

The Eurodek Fortress range is ideally suited to a wide range of environments, particularly where longevity and strength are the primary concerns.

All access panels in the Fortress range have a unique lid to tray locking system, and this is strengthened further by mechanical stitching; a feature designed to give the panel’s exceptional strength and integrity.

The panels have a galvanised steel bottom tray with a 4mm out turned profile. The steel lid is then rolled around the lower profile creating a locked, double layer of steel, which is then mechanically stitched.

eTrim is a heavy grade, gravity loose lay access floors panel with a high density chipboard core, ideally suited to a range of application but specifically for where a high load bearing capacity is essential. The eTrim is coated with corrosion resistant galvanised steel, and integrate a protective PVC/ABS trim. This produces a highly robust access floors panel ideal fort use where regular access to the floor void is required.

The eurodek eBand system is similar to that of the eTrim system, but is more suited to a medium/high load bearing. It consists of a gravity loose lay access floors panel with a high density chipboard core, steel bottom, and protective PVC/ABS edge. The strong edge detail provides exceptional strength and stability.

Calcium Sulphate
Calcium sulphate access floors panels are ideal for fire resistant and acoustic-based solutions. The panel comprises of a non-combustible, inert calcium sulphate core, available with a factory bonded finish and a galvanised steel bottom, with a PVC edge banding. The calcium core provides the acoustic and fire resistant properties.

Eurodek’s Base Range is available in both light and medium duty. This gravity loose lay raised access floors system is manufactured from high density chipboard. Suitable for all commercial office and general use applications, these panels are ideal where cost is the primary concern in a project.



Fieldmans Access Floors Ltd has been successfully installing raised access floors across London, all of the UK and abroad since 1993, quality and client satisfaction are always the highest priority .
There are 2 key factors that have helped our company become one of the leading Access Flooring companies in the UK:

  • We are completely independent allowing us to use the product that is correct for our clients’ requirements.
  • We directly employ our staff, negating the need for any reliance on subcontractors.

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