Hewetson Raised Access Floors

Being a completely independent raised access flooring company means that we are able to supply and install access flooring products that are most suitable to our clients projects.  One such choice is the range of Hewetson Raised Access Flooring products.  Below is more information regarding the technical details, however should you wish to contact us please call

Heweston Raised Access Floors

RMG600 PSA Medium Grade


RMG 600 Medium Grade is a gravity lay panel. It incorporates a unique wrap-around construction which eliminates panel jamming caused by sharp edges. The design also improves edge strength and accessibility. RMG600 Medium Grade panel is world renown for its exceptional characteristics of strength and durability.

Category: Gravity Lay
Core Material: High Density Particle Board
Panel Construction: Galvanised Steel Wrap-Round Encapsulation

Core and Tray Thickness

Core: 30mm
Steel – Top Tray/Sheet: 0.5mm
Steel – Bottom Tray/Sheet: 0.5mm


The RMG600 is based on a 600mm square module, 31mm deep, constructed around a high performance chipboard core.  The galvanised steel shell comprises a top sheet that is wrapped and laminated around the panel.  This is then mechanically stitched to the bottom steel tray for greater strength and to provide full electrical continuity of the system.

Die-formed indentations in the panel bottom sheet allow positive location and retention within the system using the pedestal head lugs precision moulded into the ABS cap.

Feature Benefits

  • High edge strength reducing edge-to-edge deflection
  • Precision construction and location for accurate gridding
  • Solid underfoot
  • Good acoustic performance
  • Safe and easy access
  • Excellent lateral stability

Product Performance

PSA Design
Concentrated Load (Point Load) 3kN over 25mm sq 4.0kN over 25mm sq
Uniformally Distributed Load (UDL) 8kN/m2 25kN/m2
Air Leakage @ 25Pa (with seal) ……………………………0.44Ltrs/sec.m2 ……………………………
Air Leakage @ 25Pa (with seal) 0.44Ltrs/sec.m2
Fire Rating ….…..……………………………Class O………………………………….
Fire Rating Class O
Electrical Continuity …..Complies with the IEE Regulations (16th Edition)…..

*Note-Design loads based on instantaneous testing with a safety factor of 2.

Panel Dimensions and Weight (Nominal)

Size: 600 x 600mm
Thickness: 31mm
Panel Weight: 12kg
Weight of System: 36kg/m2 (varies with height)


Light Office: Yes
General Office: Yes
Computer Room:
Computer Room Heavy:
Computer Room Extra Heavy:

Factory Bonded Finishes

Bare Faced:
Fibre Bond Carpet: Yes
Marble: Yes
Hardwood: Yes
Vinyl and Edge Band:
HPL and Edge Band:
Rubber and Edge Band:
Modular Carpet: Yes
Air Seal: Yes
Simploc: Yes
Carpet Location: Yes

Customer requirements other that listed may be subject to bonding trials prior to acceptance of order.

Overall Floor Height

Pedestal: 29-42mm 39-62mm 49-80mm 80-610mm 610mm>
Type: Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha II Alpha III*
Cap Field: Standard (Black) Standard (Black) Standard (Black) Standard (Black) Standard (Black)
Cap Perimeter: Standard (Black) Standard (Black) Standard (Black) Standard (Black) Standard (Black)

*NS300 Pedestal option available

Special Applications

Universal Stringer – Snap On: Provides lateral stability in extreme dynamic load environment.
Universal Stringer – Bolt On: Provides lateral stability and load bearing properties where minimal edge deflection is required for rolling load applications.
Bridging Sections: Where obstructions prevent the use of pedestals.
Bracing Bars: Enhance lateral performance and rigidity to meet heavy rolling loads or seismic requirements.
Ramp Pedestals: Pivot head pedestal to support angled ramp panels.
Fixing Screws: To affix pedestal to floor in addition to adhesive for greater rigidity at extreme floor heights.
Pedestal Earth Clamp: Provides an electrical connection to the floor system for earth bonding.
Foil Tape: Aluminium tape to seal edge of cut panel.
Perimeter Gasket: 20 x 9mm edge foam tape applied to the panel edge between floor and wall if required.



Internal Flooring

Elevated and solid flooring for modern offices and IT data centres.


External Flooring

Modified components which are suited to outside weather conditions. Perfect for roof terraces and landscaped residential projects.

Special Finishes Fieldmans Access Floors(5)

Special Finishes

There’s no need to compromise on design – all our access floorings can be installed with a range of finishes



Fieldmans Access Floors Ltd has been successfully installing raised access floors across London, all of the UK and abroad since 1993, quality and client satisfaction are always the highest priority .

There are 2 key factors that have helped our company become one of the leading Access Flooring companies in the UK:

  • We are completely independent allowing us to use the product that is correct for our clients’ requirements.
  • We directly employ our staff, negating the need for any reliance on subcontractors.

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