Isaac H Grainger & Son Ltd Pedestals

Isaac H Grainger & Son Ltd is a family run business that has been established for over 145 years. Their company policy is one of continual development striving to produces the best possible product at an acceptable cost, though the optimum use of the labour, materials and machinery. They produce the pedestals for access floors systems, and have four ranges; the “H” range pedestal, “X” range pedestal, “L” range pedestal, and the “E” range pedestal.

The “H” Range Pedestal
The “H” range of pedestals have been specifically designed to meet the PSA MOB PF2PS/SPU: March 1992 Medium and Heavy Grade specification up to 675mm void. They are all constructed of steel to comprise a 100mm square formed base to which is welded a 3/4″ tubular all thread, while the head is a 90mm diameter disc welded to an extended 3/4″ domed socket. The pedestal is assembled with a lightweight nut to offer the locking facility.

The “X” Range Pedestal
The “X” range pedestal is greatly suited for use where extra height or greater rigidity is required. It can also be modified for use with ramps, by angling the pedestal head. The “X” range pedestal is a 1″BSP version of the “H” range pedestal. This is tested to PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU: March 1992 Specification Heavy Grade to a height of 1,500mm.

The “L” Range Pedestal
The “L” Range Pedestal has been pioneered to produce a low cost pedestal, where strength is not the key factor. This meets the MOB Light grade specification, using a 90mm. 3mm thick top disc and a 100x100x2mm base plate. This range is only available for voids up to 180mm.

The “E” Range Pedestal
The “E” Range pedestal has been designed to meet the new European standard – BSEN12825:2001. This pedestal has been tested to grade 6 in conjunction with a variety of panels and is available in a standard range of heights from 50mm to 185mm.



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