Lindner Raised Access Flooring Systems

Lindner Raised Access Flooring meets all specified requirements with regards to fire and noise protection, load-bearing, electrostatics and heating and cooling technology. Lindner aims to provide the best floor suited to the needs of the customer, and have compiled five systems to categorise these needs.

The five raised access flooring systems:


The NORTEC floor system is well suited to fire and noise protection. The access floor panels themselves are made from regenerative raw materials and are emission free. They have also been classified as hazard-free by the institut für Baubiologie (Institute for Building Biology) in Rosenheim, Germany. The NORTEC comfort access floors system uses a clever combination of raised access flooring and an under floor heating system, which can help utilise the space, as no radiators are needed. This system can also be reversed into a cooling system if required.

The LIGNA system uses access floors panels with a classic yet timeless wooden finish. Although it is allocated the minimum tolerance to fire and noise resistance, LIGNA is the perfect economically friendly solution for most commercially used rooms.

Lumen is a glass raised access floors system, which creates a unique atmosphere, and can be translucent, transparent and even coloured. The space beneath the access floors can be lit up, creating a modern and aesthetically pleasing twist to the workplace.

The PRODATA system provides an aluminium finish to the access flooring panel. The PRODATA double flooring system has many specific characteristics, such as extreme weathering tolerances, top conductance and low weight. Solid aluminium panels can easily be made into ventilation panels by drilling holes into them.

VENTEC is a steel ventilation system ideal for use in computer centres access floors, or similar workplaces that require high rates of air flow and low withdrawal resistance.



Fieldmans Access Floors Ltd has been successfully installing raised access floors across London, all of the UK and abroad since 1993, quality and client satisfaction are always the highest priority .

There are 2 key factors that have helped our company become one of the leading Access Flooring companies in the UK:

  • We are completely independent allowing us to use the product that is correct for our clients’ requirements.
  • We directly employ our staff, negating the need for any reliance on subcontractors.

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