Nesite Access Floors Systems

Nesite has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing access floors systems for a wide range of applications in commercial and industrial buildings. With Nesite’s new production facilities in the Arab Emirates marked the start of developing their international market. The Nesite Access Floors System production is based on modern technologies. Every Access Floors System produced is carefully checked for quality control. Access floors structures and panels are not only renowned for their aesthetics, but also their performance.

A wide range of creative designs with a choice of floor covering materials are available to meet the requirements of every project. The quality and finesse of the materials used enhances the beauty of every environment. Some of the designed coverings available include:

High Pressure Laminate
Rigid sheet made of phenolic resin soaked kraft paper with a decorative melamine layer. Applications: Offices with medium and high traffic level, computer rooms, etc.

Flexible tile obtained from polyvinyl chloride, filler inserts, plasticisers and dyes, mixed during different production cycles.
Applications: Offices with medium traffic level, TV studios, hospitals, data centres, technical room, etc.

Flexible tile composed of wood and cork flour, linseed oil, natural resins, pigments, with a jute backing. Applications: Offices with medium traffic level, computer rooms, etc.

Flexible tile made of a homogeneous mixture of synthetic rubbers and stabilizing mineral charges. The mixture is then glazed and vulcanized in its mould.
Applications: Offices with medium traffic level, halls, airports, call centre, etc.

Loose-lay carpet and carpet glued on panels.
Standard size 50×50 cm (to be laid on panels with top covering aluminium and steel).
Available also glued on the panel, size 60×60 cm. Applications: Offices with medium traffic level, halls, airports, call centre.

High Class presents one of the most elegant and precious raised access floors in the market: wood, with all its warmth; marble with its ancient fashion; coatings of ceramic with its versatility. As result of high class technology, Nesite panels are manufactured with different materials and various thicknesses, fora wide range of applications. All panels have an edge of a semi-rigid plastic material, self-extinguishing and no squeaking.

The Nesite access floors panels can have various core materials in order to satisfy different requirements and applications. The chipboard core is available in 2 thickness: The 28 mm one normally combined with resilient coverings (plastic laminate, vinyl, linoleum, rubber) can be used in rooms with low requirements and low traffic or used when the thickness of the raised access floors is required to be low. The 38 mm one is the “basic” product and the most common in Nesite range. This has excellent performance characteristics and can be combined with all range of top coverings such as resilient coatings of ceramic, parquet, steel, etc.

Panels with a combination of (28 mm) chipboard top and (12.5 mm) calcium sulphate core provides good performance in term of fire resistance and acoustic insulation, and all at a very good price. This product is suitable for resilient and loose-lay coverings.

Inert cores are the top of the range giving the highest performance in term of fire resistance, fire reaction, mechanical resistance, acoustic insulation, and “comfort” for walking. Calcium sulphate is available in two types: 34 mm and 30 mm thicknesses. Both can be combined with all coatings such as the resilient ceramic, parquet, natural stones, steel, etc.




Fieldmans Access Floors Ltd has been successfully installing raised access floors across London, all of the UK and abroad since 1993, quality and client satisfaction are always the highest priority .

There are 2 key factors that have helped our company become one of the leading Access Flooring companies in the UK:

  • We are completely independent allowing us to use the product that is correct for our clients’ requirements.
  • We directly employ our staff, negating the need for any reliance on subcontractors.

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