Common questions on raised access flooring

Due to its design and practicality, raised access flooring has grown in popularity in office spaces over recent years. If you are considering having it fitted in your premises, it is likely you will have a few questions before making a final decision. Our Fieldmans team have been installing access floors since 1993, so allow us to share our extensive knowledge and expertise with you to help you decide if it is suitable for your workplace.

How many types of raised access floors are there?

There are two primary forms of raised access flooring which are suited to office spaces:

  • Gravity flooring – Each panel is installed without being fixed in place, so is measured to fit securely between each pedestal. This setup is favoured due to the easy access it allows to the floor below if there is a need for maintenance or adjustment.
  • Lock down flooring – Your access flooring is set up in the same way as gravity, however each panel is screwed or soldered into place by our team so that there is no movement beneath your feet and your floor will be more secure.

Why do businesses opt for raised access flooring over other options?

  • Storage – The space created underneath the panels is well suited to businesses that rely on technology, as you are able to run power cables throughout your workplace in a more straightforward way, eliminating the safety risk to employees.
  • Air flow – With the reliance on computers and technology in recent years, it is essential that offices are well ventilated to keep machines cool and prevent overheating. Raised access floors will allow for air to circulate beneath them and travel throughout your building, keeping an optimal temperature for technology and employees.
  • Practicality – The way panels are fitted means they can be removed and replaced quickly and easily, allowing for maintenance or repairs to be carried out on any cables or technology that may be below them. This will cause minimal disruption to your workplace.

What heights are available?

Depending on your requirements or the dimensions of your building, you may need to have your access flooring installed at a specific height. The solutions available can be adjusted in order to fit the height and width of the space in which installation is taking place.

What will the typical lifespan be of your raised access flooring?

Most of the access flooring solutions we offer come with 25-year manufacturers guarantee on panels. You can expect additional parts such as pedestals and stringers to last around 50 years before replacements and repairs may be necessary.

If you have any further questions on raised access flooring, you may wish to consult our FAQ’s page. Having operated since 1993, our experts at Fieldmans Access Floors are knowledgeable on the range of options you will have to choose from. If you would like us to take care of the installation process, or have any questions on the solutions available to you, why not discuss it with our team? Give us a call today on 020 8462 7100 or email and one of our experts would be happy to talk through it with you.