How you may benefit from internal access flooring

In recent years, access flooring has become popular for many large corporations due to the many benefits it possesses in the workplace. Due to changes in technology in recent years, it has become more essential to accommodate for extra cables and ventilation to prevent overheating. The practicality and ease of installation means you are likely to see it in place at many large offices, data centres and or retail stores. If you are considering having access flooring fitted in your building, allow us to highlight the benefits you may see before you make your final decision.


With the space created underneath the raised access flooring, there are various options you will have to utilise this area for storage. It is likely your office has the latest technology, so you can use this space to run cables and wires underneath, whilst keeping the floor above clear and organised, avoiding any trip hazards and safety risks in the process.


As well as the practical storage aspect of access flooring, the simple design means that maintenance can be carried out with ease. Once you have identified the area under the surface level that requires attention, you can remove one tile at a time to gain access before carrying out the necessary maintenance. Once complete, each tile will easily slot back into place as if it had never been touched.


As we previously mentioned, it is likely there is going to be a large amount of technology in your workplace as is the case with most modern office buildings. As well as offering space for your cables, it allows for your workplace to be well ventilated and cooled. Air can travel through the void below the tiles, preventing electrics from overheating and circulating effectively throughout the building.


Unlike with traditional wood or vinyl, the practical design of raised access flooring means that, should an area be damaged, you can remove and replace each tile with ease, avoiding the long and costly process of fitting new wood panels or relaying laminate in its entirety.


If you are installing raised access flooring, you’ll have a range of designs to choose from, so depending on the style of your office, you can choose flooring that compliments the environment you are trying to create. Here at Fieldman’s Access Floors, we have a wide range of finishes to choose from to create the workspace you had visualised.

If you are considering internal raised access flooring for your building, it is important to consult an expert before going ahead with your plans. Our team at Fieldmans Access Floors are experienced in the installation process and can provide you with all of our expertise and advice so that you can select the most suitable option for you. The wide range of solutions we offer ensures that you’ll find flooring that is suitable for you.. Allow us to manage the process from start to finish, delivering a final product that will be practical, durable and stylish. Get in contact with us today to discuss your enquiry by calling 020 8462 7100 or emailing .