Adjustable Paving Support Pedestals

Adjustable Paving Support (APS) pedestals are ideal for use in circumstances when a greater amount of clearance is required, or there are a series of random changes in the height threshold that’s needed. Such pedestals are also useful for high-end finishes.

The benefits of Adjustable Paving Support Pedestals include:

  • Speedy installation – little downtime required
  • A multitude of decking head and paving options are available
  • A convenient range of heights
  • Extremely hard-working and robust

The majority of roofs deal with water drainage by being constructed at an angle, allowing gravity to deal with the removal of rain and melted snow. With some roofs, there is a significant disparity between the drainage outlet and the door threshold. To help cope with this disparity, Adjustable Paving Support Pedestals provide the perfect solution.

Adjustable Paving Support Pedestals can also help with:

  • Roofs that fall in more than one direction
  • The presence of large drops
  • The presence of significant channels
  • Multiple fall changes
  • Complex fall changes

With Adjustable Paving Support Pedestals, it is the weight of the slab that acts as an anchor, as this is intended as a suspended system. The pedestals are manufactured with a telescopic stem that can be adjusted height-wise to enable the achievement of a perfectly flat upper paved surface area. The height of the slab can be adjusted when the slab is positioned as required, therefore saving a massive amount of time and effort.

As a result of this arrangement, surface water drains off between and beneath the slabs which means that no water remains on the surface. This makes the paved area far safer to walk upon, as it is much less slippery than if wet.

In order to maximise their potential use as leisure areas, many balcony designs and some roof designs are created using an upper surface that is completely flat. This is to enhance drainage and prevent trip hazards. An effective and attractive balcony or roof design can be obtained using a substantial range of different materials and shapes.

The versatility of Adjustable Paving Support Pedestals allows what simply may have been left as exposed waterproofing membranes to become attractive and useful areas. This will increase the space available, as well as improving the building’s appearance and protecting areas that otherwise would be left open.

Adjustable Paving Support Pedestals have the ability to support loads up to 400 kilograms. The way that the pedestals are manufactured with a 200 millimetre base plate means that the load is distributed evenly across the paving block’s surface. The pedestals are available in a rage of heights from 35 to 365 millimetres.

No mechanical fixings are required, as this is a purely suspended system. If the roof deck or balcony floor surface needs to be inspected at any time then the slabs can easily be lifted.

Baseplates and headpieces are identical across the range that’s available, so even if there’s a large roof fall, the surface that’s achieved is perfectly level.

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