Adjusting a raised floor

The installation of a raised access floor is a complex and intricate process. It’s often the case that there are a number of adjustments that need to be made after the flooring has been installed.

Due to the specific skills required, the installation and any subsequent adjustments should be carried out by appropriately qualified installers with substantial experience in the field.

If unqualified or inexperienced installers are used, there is the potential for errors to occur. With raised access floors, seemingly minor imperfections can develop into permanent issues causing substantial damage.

The most common raised floor adjustment

The most common problem with raised access flooring is that the floor panels are loose or unstable. Frequently, this is down to either loose fragments of the floor covering becoming lodged under the base plates, or an issue with the head gaskets.

Loose floor covering fragments

The bare steel surface panels of a raised access floor are overlaid with a floor covering according to the project’s design specification. Modular carpet is a popular choice.

Fragments of the floor covering, such as carpet particles, can become detached from the floor material and get lodged between the base plates and the pedestal heads. This causes the panels to be pushed out of position and protrude from the floor. The protruding panels present a tripping hazard for customers, staff and site visitors. Qualified raised access flooring installers are familiar with this problem and can fix it quickly and effectively.

Misaligned head gaskets

Head gaskets are the caps that sit on top of the pedestals to provide cushions for the floor panels. If the head gaskets supporting the floor panels are not aligned properly, the raised access flooring panels can become loose and unstable.

A qualified raised access flooring installer will be able to determine the precise adjustments required to align the head gaskets, ensure that the stringers are secure, and provide the necessary support. If the problem is due to the pedestal being loose, they will be able to fix it securely into place.

Why you need expert assistance to adjust a raised floor

Please don’t be tempted to try to remedy problems with your access yourself. Engaging the services of a professional, qualified raised access flooring company will save you time and money in the long run. There are two important reasons why:

You need expert skills

Adjusting raised access flooring depends on careful measurement and precise alteration of the floor’s infrastructure, requiring expert skills that only a professional will have.

Repairs undertaken by inexperienced, unqualified or careless individuals could result in distress and damage to vital underfloor cabling, resulting in business-critical equipment failure.

You need specialised equipment

Specialised equipment is required to lift and remove specific flooring panels to address the underlying problems.

Using inappropriate tools can lead to panel damage. This might mean that the panel itself suffers minor damage and needs to be replaced at added expense. However, it could also mean that the panel suffers serious damage, leading to malfunction, catastrophic failure of the flooring infrastructure, and injury to staff, customers or contractors.

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