The benefits of underfloor air plenums in your office space

Simply put, underfloor air plenums are the empty space between the raised access floor and the structure flooring of the building which are used to improve the air quality and efficiency within a room. These air plenums are most commonly used within office environments which are built upon raised access flooring. There is often confusion in why and how underfloor air plenums can improve the air efficiency and quality, so allow us to inform you of some of the benefits it could have for your office space.

With almost all of our working lives being spent inside the office, it has become a key point of consideration to commercial construction projects globally, to ensure that the air we spend our working week being a part of, is of a high quality. Your office space will need to promote improved heath levels amongst the employees inside your working environment, as well as also creating a positive impact to the outdoor environment. There are a number of benefits of underfloor air plenums, such as:

Improvement of ventilation: By producing fresh air at ground level, the ventilation, as well as the quality of the air inside the office, can be improved and made cleaner for employees

Energy savings: Due to the reduced use of fan power, you could see a saving of around 20% on your energy bills

Peaceful acoustics: The reduced fan power will also create a quieter working environment

Simple access: Faster access to the cables, wiring and pipes

Climate control: Underfloor diffusers can be placed closer to employees to allow them to control their temperature and climate settings with ease

Office productivity: The higher air quality can improve the health of employees, which will have a positive impact on productivity levels within the workplace

As beneficial as underfloor air plenums are, it is important that they are designed, constructed and installed correctly. Fitting them incorrectly can create an issue with the level of energy efficiency and can result in other parts of the flooring failing to operate as they should. This could reverse the main function of the air plenums and, in time, worsen the health, comfort and levels of productivity for employees.

If you are looking for some assistance in fitting air plenums into your raised access floor, or maintenance with your existing flooring, give our expert team of qualified installers at Fieldmans Access Floors a call on 020 8462 7100 and we can arrange an appointment to meet with you to discuss any questions or queries that you may have.