Will my office benefit from raised access flooring?

Raised access flooring can optimise your office design and overall functionality. It is important to choose the correct flooring at the point of design to ensure maximum efficiency, durability and functionality throughout its life.

What is a raised access floor?

Raised access flooring is a specialist flooring system made up of individual panels that sit on pedestals upon a concrete floor. These are locked together to create an even, continuous floor whilst the pedestals provide a void beneath for containment of services such as power and data. Each panel can then be lifted to gain quick and easy access to the services below.

Could my office space benefit from raised access flooring?

The use of multiple power, data and audio-visual services will often require a good deal of wires and sockets which can appear untidy. Placing these materials below a raised access floor not only enhances the aesthetic of your space but improves its practicality. In addition, the installation of cables and materials is fast, simple and cost-efficient compared to the requirement for cutting into solid floors. The ability to adjust the flooring is just as fast and efficient. This means that additional power can be supplied to a new location as easily as lifting a tile and extending a cable.

Having all of you wires stored out of sight also reduces the risk of trips and hazards and enhances the safety of your office space.

With constant advancements in flooring design, new products such as the unique Attiro range allow for easily adjustable, magnetic floor coverings to be installed on top of the raised access floor. This ingenious system allows access below the floor without any need for technical reinstallation or floor coverings and can be carried out by staff who have no specialist skills in flooring installation.

Faults are rare but can still occur within raised access flooring. However, unlike across ordinary floors, you are able to repair the single damaged tile, leaving the rest untouched, rather than a full floor replacement which would attract hefty cost and large amount of disruption.

Due to their design, raised access flooring can be particularly beneficial to businesses that require date centers and computer floors. Many flooring tiles come with specialist finishes, specifically designed for these types of working environments.

With a range of choices to explore and requirements to consider, it would be worth contacting a flooring specialist to ensure that you are considering the correct product for your office. If you would like to speak with one of our raised access flooring experts at Fieldmans Access Floors, give us a call on 020 8462 7100 or drop us a line at for an informal discussion where we will be happy to help.

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