The benefits of using timber raised floors for acoustic purposes

There are many situations in which the acoustic performance of a timber raised access floor is important to a company or business. A timber raised access floor has the ability to reduce the amount of sound that ‘leaks’ between adjacent rooms.

Access flooring uses either stud wall or partitioning to mount panels off of the floor, which creates a clear area beneath. This raises the acoustic performance of the room, which is of significant importance for companies that require sound-sensitive installations.

One company we are proud to provide products for our customers from is Instacoustic. They have been one of the leading providers of high-quality acoustic flooring products for over twenty-five years, providing countless wall and ceiling systems to many industries. Their innovative, high-performance products offer the complete solution for companies seeking effective sound insulation solutions.

Instacoustic can offer companies patented solutions to their acoustic needs, designed and manufactured to the standards required. All their products are also rigorously independently tested to make certain that they comply fully with the latest building regulations. Products as supplied and created by Instacoustic are guaranteed to provide exceptional standards of acoustic effectiveness, impacting against the transmission of sound.

Another company we have dealings with when it comes to the provision of timber raised floors is CMS Danskin. They are truly the experts in acoustic flooring and associated soundproofing materials. They have been involved with many prestigious projects in their time, including major installations at the Bank of England and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

They have also been involved in many residential installation projects, in both Salisbury and Leeds. During their time in business they have installed acoustic flooring solutions for all manner of floor types including concrete and timber. They also provide neat finishes for their installations – carpet, wood, vinyl, ceramic tiles and laminate.
Their effective floor sound-proofing solutions help to reduce noise in all manner of environments – offices, production floors, libraries, churches, oil rigs and refineries, prisons, retail outlets, shopping centres and all kinds of residential buildings.

Depending upon your company’s specific application, CMS Danskin recommend a number of innovative acoustic soundproofing products, including those constructed from suitable soundproofing materials like cork or rubber.

All acoustic products supplied by CMS Danskin are thoroughly tested in order to guarantee exceptional levels of noise-reduction performances. Such testing is undertaken by one of the nation’s leading, UKAS-accredited centres that specifically tests construction materials and products. Just for that extra, guaranteed level of certainty, the experts at CMS Danksin perform rigorous testing themselves on site, after their products have been installed.

Here at Fieldman’s Access Floor we only want to bring you, our customers, the very best in services. This is why we only source products from companies that through our experience, we know to be the best in the business – companies such as Intacoustic and CMS Danksin.

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