Choosing a raised floor specialist: what do I need to know?

You have decided that you want to have a raised floor installed or retrofitted, but what comes next? Whatever your reasons for the decision – you are expanding, you are installing a new server room, you want more storage space, etc. – you still need to find the right installer to do the job well for you. As with any specialist working on your premises you want to be sure to get the best that you can afford and one that will get the job done so that it will last you for a long time to come. We take a look at the key things to ask when shopping around for a raised floor installation specialist to help you narrow things down and find the right fitters for the job.


If you were looking for a plumber or an electrician for your home, wouldn’t your first port of call be to ask friends for any recommendations? So it is with larger jobs such as raised flooring installation. Ask around, talk to friends and trusted business associates to see if there is anyone they would recommend. If they are happy with the work then you know you are off to a good start.


Whether recommended or not once you have found two or three potential providers, the next thing to do is to check what experience they have. Is your job fairly straightforward, or does it have unique characteristics that require a more experienced company or someone with particular specialist knowledge? Are particular qualifications required and if so, do your shortlisted companies hold them? As a minimum they should be able to provide details of their working policies such as health and safety, quality assurance and data protection. Are they members of a professional body such as the Access Flooring Association? Others to look out for are the Considerate Contractors Scheme or the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

References and testimonials

Check references from previous customers and ask to see some of their work. That way you will get a better sense of the quality of finish and can discuss the job with previous clients who can alert you to any potential problems such as programme delays – and how they were dealt with – or escalating costs.

Depth and breadth of knowledge

Not all installations are the same. Someone with specialist knowledge of office spaces may have little or no experience of the particular requirements that come with raised flooring for data and server rooms. Different types of venues and buildings will also require different skills and knowledge so you want to be sure that you are hiring someone who can work confidently on your job.

Budgeting and contracts

Know what your budget is and be clear in each quote what the breakdown is between labour and materials. How will materials be sourced and how and when will you be consulted? Review the contract before signing off on a job and ensure that there is a clear breakdown of costs, payment milestones, and what will happen should problems or delays arise.

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