The benefits of external raised access flooring

We have mentioned various locations and workplaces in which laying a raised access floor would be beneficial, but had you noticed that they were all indoors? Many people seem to think that the line gets drawn there, but this is in fact incorrect. External raised access flooring really is a thing and an extremely beneficial one at that!

Where can external raised access flooring work?

External raised access flooring is suitable for a number of outdoor terrains, whether it be upon grass, sand, gravel or concrete slabs. This means that you are likely to find that your local park or poolside may utilise this effective flooring technique, as well as gardens, ponds and lake decking areas.

Why to choose raised access flooring for external locations

Due to the level of durability within the materials most commonly utilised for external raised access flooring, they are built to withstand a number of typical outdoor weather situations, from wet and windy, to scorching heat. They are also constructed to fit a modern and professional design, fit to match the environment in which it has been laid.

It can also solve problems such as:

  • Removing the issue of an uneven ground without the hefty costs of levelling the terrain with un-environmentally friendly building and removal work.
  • The ability to build upon vital neighbourhood drainage systems without interfering with their function, creating wider possibilities for your land extension.
  • Removing the risk of damage due to flooding, an issue that is commonly found throughout the UK, or remaining above a soggy, damp land that could potentially result in mould growth.

Types of external raised access flooring

Creating an aesthetically pleasing paved surface, Porcelanosa is able to remove the issue of sloping or uneven terrain, creating a smooth and even flooring with built in insulation, allowing room for pipework and cables to be stored safely below the 24mm thick panels, no matter the level of footfall above.

Notoriously adaptable to all outdoor locations and environments, Nesite flooring excels in its appearance and performance. Commonly utilized within the renovation of older buildings, it can aid transformation to a modern ambience whilst allowing all wires, chords and other utilities to remain below the panels.

Most suitable for paving or decking upon roofs and terraces, Wallbarn pedestal and support pads are an essential synthetic rubber-made factor in achieving aesthetically pleasing yet effective flooring solutions. The built-in insulation prevents sound and vibrations from travelling through to the indoor area below. Wallbarn slope correctors come in thicknesses of 3mm to 8mm and are perfect for removing the difficulty of uneven surfaces, creating a safe place for footfall.

If you are considering expanding the limits of your raised access flooring to your outdoor locations, do not hesitate to get in touch with a helpful member of our Fieldmans Access Floors team. Give us a call on 020 8462 7100  where we will be happy to advise and assist you in transforming your outdoor areas.