The benefits of raised access flooring in retail

Retail is a world full of hustle and bustle, with crowds entering a wide range of physical stores on a daily basis. These retail businesses must ensure that the safety for these customers is on top form, whilst also ensuring that they can keep their crowds returning with a rotating set of seasonal displays. Raised access flooring provides a practical element to stores which allows all of their requirements to be executed with the best capability.


All forms of retail need the allowance to be flexible with their displays, from supermarkets to clothing, as they will often need to alter their layouts to accommodate for changes within the store, customer satisfaction or seasonal rotations. Raised access floors offer the flexibility required for these frequent adjustments, along with the ability to alter floor coverings to suit a new theme or safety requirement, or wayfinding modifications to allow simple navigation throughout the stores new layout, as well as the ability to trail and connect any desired power cables to the exact location needed.


The choice of flooring within the retail sector is vital. You must ensure that the floor is durable enough to withstand the heavy footfall of customers, day after day. It must also be simple to clean and remove any debris accumulation which could prevent trip hazards, alongside the wiring required for your lighting, several CCTV cameras and checkouts. Raised access flooring is constructed with these factors in mind. By their form upon pedestals, a void is created beneath the flooring itself which allows a safe area for the storing of any wires or leads required for your tills or CCTV. The robust panels are then laid individually, creating a flat, smooth surface, easy to cleanse and trip-hazard free.


Raised access flooring also allows for simple repairs and maintenance. Within your store, having to close off an entire aisle to repair the flooring could become an inconvenience for both your income and customer satisfaction. With a raised floor, as each panel is laid separately upon the pedestals, repair or replacement work is simple, with the need to only remove one single damaged tile and keep the surrounding panels down and securely in place, safe for your customers footing. Access beneath the panels is also straightforward, resulting in fast and effective servicing and inspections to the power beneath your flooring.

If you are considering a renovation for your store with the addition of a raised access flooring installation, or if you are keen to find out some more information of how it could benefit your retail site, give our expert team at Fieldmans Access Floors a call on 020 8462 7100 where we will be happy to assist and advise you further.