The benefits of raised access flooring in airports

The benefits to the installation of raised access flooring are widely accepted throughout the commercial office sector but are often overlooked in locations with high traffic. This month, we explore the benefits of a raised access floor within a heavily populated public location – our airports.

You can expect an airport to consist of crowds of people all day, every day of the year. This constant high level of footfall will need to remain clean, well maintained and free from any risks to health and safety to protect the members of the public, as well as the airport. The choice of flooring can be critical in ensuring that the overall space performs in the safe way in which it is designed to, due to multiple factors.


In public spaces, it is crucial that the choice of flooring is robust and does not present trip hazards or cause dirt accumulation. Raised access flooring solutions are designed to be easily levelled with the opportunity to store any trailing wires or leads beneath the panels of the flooring. Their ability to remove one single panel at a time creates simple repair work with minimal disruption. This ensures that visitors can walk across the floor, along with their heavy luggage, without having to watch out for obstructions or trip hazards.


Airports require high levels of services to be distributed throughout the entirety of their premises. Raised access flooring solutions provide ample space for the containment of power, data, air and cooling appliances, allowing it to be distributed easily and equally, to every part of the floor.


Raised access flooring comes hand in hand with simple maintenance and servicing. As the floor is a component system, damaged tiles are easily replaced without the need to close off and treat large areas of flooring at any one time. Access to beneath the flooring panels is also straightforward, so the inspection and maintenance of your power, data and other services, is as simple as lifting a floor tile.

Future-proofing design alterations

Airports need to be flexible as they may often need to change their layout to accommodate for new requirements from technology, security, airlines, visitors and retail clients. Raised access flooring solutions offer flexibility for adjustments to construction and services. In addition, the design requirements for wayfinding, changes in floor coverings, and the need to adjust acoustic finishes can all be made quickly and efficiently, allowing the airport to maintain business continuation with minimal delay, disruption or operational distraction.

If you are considering having raised access flooring installed at your heavily populated premises, or are keen on finding out more information on the benefits it could have for you, give our expert team at Fieldmans Access Floors a call on 020 8462 7100 where we will be happy to assist and advise you further.