The benefits of raised access flooring in an office

Are you designing a new office space or moving to a new office block? Maybe you are renovating and looking for new ways to create an open and tidy workspace? If you haven’t considered raised access flooring before, then now may be the time. Here are some of the upsides that could benefit you, your staff and your office.

Out of sight, out of mind

The phrase ’out of sight, out of mind’ has never been truer than when it comes to raised access flooring. As your flooring will be held up on pedestals, the room below the tiles will be free for storage of those office eye sores, such as wires, cables and sockets. Not only will this new storage solution create an eye pleasing aesthetic, it will also create a safer office environment with minimal trip hazards and increased levels of health and safety.

Simple access

With a number of cables, wires and sockets being utilised daily within your office space, access to these are crucial for any electrical maintenance or repair work. The space below the flooring pedestals will allow you to arrange, plug in and trail across the wiring in an organised manner, allowing for access to the correct wiring to be hassle free, quick and simple.

Simple repairs

When regular flooring is in need of a repair, it is common to have to lift up and remove a large section, or to replace the whole floor in its entirety. With raised access flooring, due to the tiles being laid individually on top of the pedestals, repairs have never been so simple. With the ability to lift off, repair and replace one single tile, repair work has the ability to become faster, simpler and more cost-efficient.

Thermally efficient

Raised access flooring will also have the ability to cool your office space in a cost-efficient way. Whilst air conditioning units cool through fans built into the walls or ceiling, your flooring can allow the office to be cooled from the floor up, allowing your staff reap the benefits of the cool air sooner than they would with electrical cooling, resulting in a cost-effective change over of your cooling method choice.

A range of Fieldmans finishes to choose from

Unlike regular office flooring, here at Fieldmans, we have a range of special finishes that can compliment any space. From Attiro to Nesite, we can assist and advise you on the style and shade to enable your office space to become practical, organised and eye-pleasing for your staff and clients.

For more information on the raised access flooring services that we can provide here at Fieldmans Access Floors, contact us by calling 020 8462 7100. With over 27 years of experience in aiding offices into a new realm of organisation and eye-pleasing office flooring designs, we will be happy to assist you.