Modify vs Replace

A common question when it comes to your raised access flooring is whether you should modify or replace. Both options have their merits but will still require careful consideration to ensure that it is the most suited and practical long-term solution for you. Here, we examine both options and set out the risks and benefits of each.


If your space already has a raised access floor, then it is well worth reviewing its viability. Modifying an existing raised floor can present considerable cost and time savings. It is likely that an existing floor will be older and may consist of materials and products that are harder to identify and less obtainable for re-ordering. Working with an experienced company will ensure that these items are swiftly identified, assessed and where appropriate, replaced. Once the existing floor is assessed, understanding the cost and time required to modify is straightforward and can sometimes be as simple as replacing or repairing a few tiles or adjusting pedestals.

Modifying an existing floor is of particular appeal to those looking to take shorter term leases, or who perhaps own their space but are planning large scale adjustments in the future. However, it is important to ensure that the modifications are cost-effective and will deliver that important, long lasting result.


Replacing a raised access floor is often the most cost-efficient, long-term solution. If an existing floor is substandard, heavily damaged or has had many layers of adhesive or floor covering applied during its lifetime, then the time and labour cost needed to modify this can outweigh the cost of a new, up to date floor. In addition, a new floor will come with a longer life expectancy and as such will deliver a return on your investment over a larger time period. It may be that your business or use of the building has changed and the flooring now needs to be replaced to reflect this alteration, perhaps with higher loading capacities or anti-static surfaces, in which case, a replacement may be your only considerable option.

The choice between modification and replacement is often not as simple as it first appears but in either circumstance, it is vital that you choose to work with experienced specialists who can advise you in the best solution, fit for your specific requirements.

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