Pests and raised access flooring

In many circumstances, from homes to office blocks, pests find their way in and decide to take residence under floorboards, kickboards or cupboards. Unfortunately, voids beneath raised access flooring may also be a place that they wish to call home, but there are ways in which you can (and should) prevent this, averting damage occurring to vital wiring and cables which are safely stored below floor level.

Why pests may choose to inhabit below raised access flooring

If underground sites have been disturbed due to building or demolition work, the homes of pests may become damaged or destroyed, causing them to search for a new habitat close by. During this journey, they often utilise cracks or holes in neighbouring sites, travelling through pipes, walls and drains, to find a new home that remains warm, dry and undisturbed – the perfect conditions for the spacious voids beneath your raised access flooring.

How can you detect the presence of pests?

Besides the clear evidence of seeing rats, mice or other pests nesting beneath your raised access flooring with your own eyes, there are a few additional signs that can inform you of their attendance, such as:

  • The presence of pest droppings
  • Physical damage to flooring, cables or underfloor constructs such as gnawing marks or holes
  • Grease trails (rats and mice travel in the same trails, leaving greased track markings)

How can you safely remove pests?

The safest and fastest way to remove pests from the voids beneath your raised access flooring is to call in assistance from the professionals. They will utilise their tools and expert techniques to identify their location and humanely capture them before removing them from your premises and delivering them to a safer location.

How to prevent pests from settling under your raised access flooring

  • Seek and seal any external and internal entry points that are equal to or larger than 5mm.
  • Fit brush strips to the bottom of doors which currently leave a gap between the flooring and the door itself.
  • Inspect skirting boards for any movement, lifting of cracks which would provide an entry point from or to your office floor.
  • Carry out regular thorough cleaning of the voids beneath your raised flooring, removing any debris or scents and preventing the return of pests.

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