The purpose of aisle containment

Constructed to optimise performance and reduce operational costings by use of innovative technology, aisle containments are perfect for use within data centres. These systems come in two forms, both beneficial for varied reasons – hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment.

The purpose of aisle containment

Within these data centres, the use of electronic equipment, from servers to phone systems, generate excessive heat and therefore require effective cooling to keep the centre working at its optimum and avoiding overheating damage. This hot air requires an alternate pathway to channel through, avoiding combining with cooler air as this could result in further troubles. These hot and cold aisle containment systems allow your hot and cold locations to remain separated, keeping your data safe, reducing your energy bills and ensuring your workplace continues to run efficiently.

What is a cold aisle containment system?

Cold aisle containment works to enclose all cold air supplies within the aisle, preventing it from exposure to technology. The aisle is constructed of reliable ContainAire Partitions and a solid roof the same height as the rack, reducing by-pass airflow and avoiding potential obstructions such as the requirement for cable trays. By purposely directing cool air through the servers, the airflow remains at a consistent load, reducing energy usage and bringing down your utility costs. This action is typically supported by the SmartAire P which works to eliminate air leakage.

What is a hot aisle containment system?

The purpose of hot aisle containment is to encapsulate hot air from the exhausts on its return to the cooling units by use of barriers which lead the airflow in the correct direction. These barriers ensure that the hot air doesn’t meet cold air at any point throughout its journey, keeping the two components separate and aiding towards the safe operation of all electronic equipment and the reduction of energy bills. Naturally, hot air rises and so ContainAire partitions are secured towards the top of the racks to direct this airflow to the ceiling return grilles.

To reduce the amount of time a technician is required to work in these unsafe, elevated temperatures, and remaining in line with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, the SmartAire T facilitates an on-demand airflow to reduce the temperatures within the hot aisle containment, allowing work to be carried out for as long as it is required.

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