Choosing the right raised access flooring for you

With so many businesses looking to alter the way in which they work and renovate their offices through 2021, what better time for us to create a guide on how to be confident in your choice of raised access flooring.

With the largest range of materials, styles and finishes available on the market today, you have the ability to make a decision that you can guarantee will benefit you and the unique requirements of your office space. So, before you make that final choice, allow us to run through the factors that you should consider.

Your office layout

Take a moment to consider the layout of your office. Is the level of footfall higher in one specific location? Do you have an area which heavy electricals are stored, such as printers and copiers? You may have a comms room which is home to countless wires and electrical connections, such as routers and servers. The answers to each of these questions will point you in the direction of a range of supportive materials, strong enough to bear the weight of your office.

Your storage requirements

Your office equipment will signify the amount of storage you require. Items such as servers, switches and wires can all be stored in underfloor air plenums, allowing your office floor to remain trip and hazard free as well as keeping a tidy aesthetic which has proven to improve productivity levels. You may also have pipes, ducts or drains which could be stored away beneath the flooring panels, allowing your surface to remain level and even.

Your cooling requirements

Within your office, larger items, such as servers, may require regular bouts of airflow to prevent them from overheating. Your staff may also benefit from the same airflow, providing cooler streams of air from the ground upwards, reaching each person sooner than the air from an air conditioning unit could and proving beneficial for lowering electricity bills.

Your desired look

The image you are aiming to create throughout your office space can be carried by your floor. From vibrant carpet tiles through to sleek and natural Porcelanosa, allow your brand reputation to be flawlessly displayed throughout. You could also alter the material use over the flooring panels to separate various locations, allowing an open plan office to feel divided.

Your finishes

After choosing your raised access flooring materials, your assisting specialist will be able to combine a variety of appropriate flooring finishes during the installation, ensuring that it remains suitable for your unique office space for years to come.

If you would like professional assistance on navigating your way to the best choice of raised access flooring for your requirements, get in touch with a member of our Fieldmans Access Floors team by calling 020 8462 7100 today and we will be happy to help you.