Granite decking – premium outdoor raised flooring

Living and working areas have the ability to run further than enclosed and internal spaces. Outdoor surrounds, such as gardens, pool sides, parks and cafés, withhold the ability to cater for external meetups, work functions or relaxation. To ensure these remain safe and durable, you will need to be sure that you make the right choice for your flooring type. Granite decking, a superior raised access floor, is an option newly available to you, allowing you to experience premium flooring with a vast range of benefits. Taking a step forward from timber and composite decking, this ground-breaking material has been adapted to provide an increasingly attractive and durable flooring solution for multiple outdoor requirements.


Granite is a natural material with extremely durable and weather resistant abilities. Unlike other materials, granite doesn’t require regular maintenance and its colouring and strength will not fade or change in direct sunlight or heat, resulting in a floor that maintains its performance standards for the years to come. In addition, exterior granite decking is highly slip-resistant, conforming to BS EN 1341 external paving regulations and achieving the highest performance rating (R13). Being granite, the premium flooring does not attract algae, moss or other forms of mold and is resistant to deterioration due to weathering.


The installation of granite decking incorporates proven raised flooring technology that is already widely used throughout the flooring industry. The installation process involves the fitting of fully adjustable pedestals that support the natural granite, as well as their required footfall, and allow separation to form in between each of the planks to ensure efficient drainage, safeguarding your granite decking and allowing it to remain level and free from water damage.


Granite raised access decking is a newer, premium product available on the flooring market for both commercial and domestic properties. Its sleek, minimalistic and architecturally appealing design provides a contemporary solution that feels substantial and solid underfoot. The natural stone beams can be meticulously adjusted to ensure a smooth continuous surface to fit any size or shaped requirement, creating an exterior flooring solution that looks and feels like an extension of the main building.


Granite decking solutions are proven to withstand heavy footfall and weathering overtime with no signs of deterioration, rotting or becoming unstable and weak. Being formed of solid, durable natural stone materials, granite decking conforms to both Euroclass A1FL and A1 fire ratings, whilst the framework is designed to meet maximum level of support and weight distribution without warping or distorting in even the most varied of exterior temperatures.


It would be fair to assume that premium granite decking will initially cost a touch more than any comparable timber or composite solution, but in the long run, with minimal requirements for maintenance or repair work, granite decking proves to be a cheaper lifetime alternative and an effective flooring investment.

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