Renovating in 2021? Consider raised access flooring

A new year can often mean a fresh start, and if you are planning to renovate in 2021, raised access flooring could be an ideal factor to consider and never look back from. With multiple benefits for your workspace, allow us to introduce you to the simple yet effective world of raised access flooring.

What is a raised access floor?

Simply put, raised access flooring is an elevated floor which sits on pedestals, leaving room beneath the panels for cables and easy access storage. With a number of styles and solutions, the flooring is adaptable for both internal and external spaces with a variety of finishes to suit your bespoke requirements.

SO, what are the benefits of having a raised access floor fitted?

A cleaner aesthetic

Within a typical workspace, from office blocks to retail, cords and wires and other electrical components are vital to ensure that the technology continues to work. Raised access flooring allows you to keep these stored out of sight and out of mind, producing a cleaner aesthetic with fewer unsightly distractions.

A safer environment

With wires and cables proving a high risk for trip hazards, raised access flooring houses the perfect storage area to eliminate these dangers, keeping your customers and employees safe whilst complying with standard health and safety regulations.

Simple access and maintenance

With the floor laid as individual panels upon pedestals, access to the space below the elevated flooring is simple. To gain access to electrical components, there is no need for professional assistance. Simply lift the corresponding tile and connect it back in place once your action is complete. Repair work follows the same pattern. If you notice a floor panel is damaged, you are able to remove that single tile and replace it with a new one, with no need to close off a large area of your workspace and cause disruption to the rest of the floor.

Where can raised access floor be fitted?

Wherever there is a need, raised access flooring can perform to fit your requirements. With a number of flooring solutions available, each taking into consideration the location, footfall and need for use, a team of qualified flooring professionals will be able to find the perfect solution for you.

You will most commonly find raised access flooring being utilised in locations such as:

  • Airports
  • Office blocks
  • Call centers
  • Music studios
  • Retail
  • Parks
  • Pool-sides

For further information on raised access flooring or the services that our professional team at Fieldmans Access Floors can carry out, give us a call on 020 8462 7100. With over 27 years of experience in aiding locations into a new realm of organisation and eye-pleasing flooring designs, we will be happy to assist you.