Raised Access Flooring Testing

Raised access flooring systems are a staple of modern commercial spaces. They allow implementation of complex electronics, communications and environmental systems to improve operational processes.

Varieties of testing

There are three main ways in which raised access floors can be tested:

  • Air plenum testing
  • Air leakage testing
  • Hygrothermal testing

Air plenum testing

The plenum is the space under the raised access flooring. This space is used to facilitate air circulation for heating and air conditioning systems. The plenum must provide clear routes for heated or conditioned air and their return air flows. It must be able to cope with the air pressure involved, which can frequently exceed atmospheric pressure.

There is no mandatory standard for air plenum testing. It is down to the project’s mechanical engineers to set the appropriate specification. This is normally set in litres per second, per square metre.

The plenum is tested using a special fan which is set up in the test zone. All air ducts must be turned off and sealed. The test is conducted by taking a series of pressure readings over a period of around 30 minutes.

It is notable that approximately 80% of plenums fail their first air test.

Air leakage testing

The air leakage test determines the rate at which air will leak through cracks in a raised access floor system. This test is relevant for floors with underfloor air distribution systems. A sample of panels is placed in an airtight chamber where the test is conducted.

Air is pumped into the chamber at a constant airflow and test pressures are measured with a manometer. During the test, different test pressures are applied and the air leakage unit can be measured per crack length and per unit floor area.

Hygrothermal testing

Raised access floors in data halls and computer centres are often exposed to extremes of temperature and humidity. The hygrothermal test measures the movement of heat and moisture through a raised access floor system. It part of the required testing within the PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU March 1992 Specification for Raised Access Floors. The test measures the dimensional stability of floor panels when exposed to a wide range of temperature and humidity.

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