Citibank – Access Flooring Case Study

Canary Wharf is one of the most impressive, stand-out structures in the London skyline. The Canary Wharf Tower is not only the tallest building in the UK, but is the 11th largest structure in Europe. Fieldmans won the contract for the access flooring works for Citibank as part of the Citigroup towers.

Citibank are a leading global financial firm, with its UK headquarters at 25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf. At 200 meters high this building is the second largest in the UK – only 35 meters smaller than its tower-peaked counterpart. A project of this size, in terms of both office space (over 100,000 squared meters, 42 levels) and investment, shows our ability to effectively complete large-scale projects.

Fieldmans installed over 45,000 square meters of bare raised access flooring to 18 levels of the building, and a further 2,000+ square meters of vinyl finished raised access flooring in Comms rooms, TEC rooms and other computer areas on various levels. As one of the largest raised access flooring contracts of recent years there was a great deal of competition for the project, from a range of companies across Europe. Fieldmans’ use of locally sourced labour, many of which live in and around the Tower Hamlets and Battersea regions, was important for the client.