Simec, Dresden – Access Flooring Case Study

A subsidiary company owned by Siemens, Simec, which stands for Siemens Microelectronic Centre, is a wafer manufacturing facility situated in Dresden, Germany. The site was a military site before the Berlin Wall came down; before building the facility old army barrack had to be demolished. The client was conscious of the effects the facility can have on the environment and so worked hard to reduce waste and ensure clean disposal methods were adopted; 70% of all deionised water was reused for example.

Fieldmans Access Floors was selected for this project, which highlights our European reputation and ability to compete with companies all over the continent. The efforts of the company to ensure our operations are as ‘green’ as possible were also important for the client.

With delicate chemicals and materials manufactured it is important a very clean environment is maintained. Fieldmans has a reputation for being cleanroom specialists and provided cleanroom services for Simec, covering over 6,750 square meters of raised access flooring.