Transport for London – Access Flooring Case Study

The Palestra is the first building in London with a renewable and low-carbon energy programme including photovoltaics, wind turbines and a future fuel cell CHP system. The energy system at this unique building has 63kWp of photovoltaic panels and 21kW of wind turbines (14 turbines) on the roof. The combined renewable energy system will generate 3,397,000kWh of renewable electricity and reduce carbon dioxide CO2 emissions by 3,300 tonnes during its lifetime.

Transport for London occupy the majority of the 300,000 square foot Palestra building, which forms one of three large office ‘hubs’ out of which the business will operate.

Fieldmans Access Floors Limited is very conscious of our environment and was pleased to be part of a project concerned with climate change such as that at Palestra Building. Fieldmans completed the raised access flooring for 9 levels of office space. This project highlights our drive for ‘Greener’ practises: Fieldmans Access Floors have been accredited BS EN ISO 14001: 2004.

Just some of the other steps taken on site to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner include:

  • Asking the manufacturers to remove temporary cardboard protection to access flooring panels at factory, to eliminate waste;
  • Using adhesives which have a longer-life than those typically found, which means they need to be replaced less often. We only mix what is needed;
  • Waste is also reduced on site by returning all pallets to their source.