UBS: Broadgate Offices – Access Flooring Case Study

UBS is a leading global financial firm with offices including No. 1 & No. 6 Broadgate. Broadgate is one of the leading office complexes in London, with 4 million square feet of office, retail and leisure space. Over 30,000 employees operate in the 15 office buildings with constitute Broadgate

Phase 1 – No. 6 Broadgate
Fieldmans completed works on 3 levels at No. 6 Broadgate, totalling approximately 6,000 square meters of raised access flooring. As well as supplying and installing access flooring over this area, after inspection the existing floor surface was prepared and levelled (to remove bumps etc.). Access flooring was then fitted ready for a carpet finish. The value of this phase to Fieldmans was approximately £350,000.

Phase 2 – No. 1 Broadgate
The works at No. 1 Broadgate consisted of the supply and installation of raised access flooring for over 10,000 square meters of office space over 4 levels. Similar floor preparation/ levelling was conducted as that completed at No. 6.

Fieldmans achieved a Quality Audit Score (for quality of finished product) of 9.0/10. This was the highest score of all the sub-contractors involved in this project and reflects our dedication to quality and attention to detail.